Planning a workout can sometimes be as daunting as the workout itself. Once you have a good handle on the specific goals you want to achieve, what parts of your body you want to target, and how much time you want to dedicate to your fitness plan, it feels like you've already won half the battle. But that motivation can quickly fizzle once you start to actively implement your new fitness regimen into your daily schedule. So, for those days when you need that extra bit of motivation to get off the couch, into workout clothes, and out the door, we recommend music - specifically, workout playlists.

Music has always helped me power through a workout, and the playlist I choose depends on the mood I'm in. Do I want to feel like I'm at an EDM rave while trying to hit a new PR, or am I craving the comforting nostalgia of some early-2000s anthems as I run?

While my music choices differ day by day, the one thing my playlists have in common is a fantastic name. It really does make a difference: I get a feeling of satisfaction when I see a good gym-playlist name that perfectly encapsulates my mood of the day. If you feel the same way but are out of workout-playlist name ideas, we've got you covered. Whether you want a workout-playlist name that will inspire you, make you laugh, or call you out, check out the creative ideas below, then check out this list of the best workout songs to fill it up.

Funny Workout Playlist Names


Just Do It Already

Squat It Like It's Hot

Let's Get Physical

Workout Snacks

Twerkout Time

Let Me Get a Pump In

God, It's Brutal Out Here

It Feels Like a Pilates Day

Hot Girl Summer

Hit 'Em With the Rhythm

What Would Beyoncé Do?

Anger Management

Be a Badass With a Good Ass

Glow-Up Loading

I'd Rather Be in Bed

Songs That Make Me Hate Burpees a Little Less

Run Like You're Being Chased

I'm Still Alive, but I'm Barely Breathing

The Work Isn't Going to Do Itself

I Don't Need Pre-Workout, I Have This Playlist

Motivating Workout Playlist Names

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Songs to Make You Sweat Even Harder

Max Out the Volume, Max Out Your Lifts

Play This When You Feel Like You're Going to Quit

Songs That Make Me Feel Like I Could Run a Marathon

One More Rep

Entering Power Hour

The Grind Doesn't Stop

Stronger Than Yesterday

POV: You're Hitting PRs

Sweat It Out

It's About Drive, It's About Power

Beast Mode: Activated

The Work Isn't Going to Do Itself

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