Expert opinion from Deidre Huysamen

Dietician - Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services · 7 years of experience · South Africa

No, as this is high in salt and other preservatives to main both its structure, taste and longevity. As a processed meat, beef jerky is also higher in saturated fat. All the salt, preservatives and saturated fat can be harmful to primarily your heart health. It is best to swap this out for some chicken breasts that have been cubed or homemade turkey balls.

Expert opinion from Maria Arienti

Postgraduate in Nutritional Support/Bachelor in Nutrition · 13 years of experience · Argentina

I do not consider beef jerky a healthy snack, as it is processed meat high in sodium. You may take it in moderation, but I suggest taking fruits, nuts, vegetables and other fresh foods instead.

Expert opinion from María F. Carzon

Bachelor degree in Human Nutrition · 4 years of experience · Argentina

A healthy snack should include natural and not ultra-processed foods. Beef jerky is an ultra-processed food and can sometimes have large amounts of salt, so I wouldn't call it a healthy snack.

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