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Eye patients going blind because of NHS backlog delays

NHS patients are going blind because of treatment delays caused by the treatment backlog, official data suggest. There have been 551 reports related to sight loss to the national reporting and incident system because of delayed appointments since 2019, with hundreds more unreported cases suspected. Of the reported cases, 364 suffered some degree of...

Bruce Willis's Wife, Emma Heming Willis, Shares She's Feeling "Grief" on His Birthday March 19 marks Bruce Willis's first birthday since he and his family shared his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis, and his wife, Emma Heming Willis, honored the day by sharing her feelings of grief.

11 Best Low-Carb Fast Food Orders

Try one of these delicious low-carb fast food orders when you're in a hurry and need to grab something quick.

Singapore health costs to decline this year but still higher than 2019: Fitch

Health expenditure declined from $17.b in 2022. The health expenditure in Singapore is expected to decline in 2023 whilst the government continues to support its elderly population, Fitch Solutions’ report showed. The overall health expenditure is expected to fall by almost 2% compared to 2022 to $16.9b in 2023 from $17.2b in 2022. Fitch said the decline is attributed to the improving pandemic situation in Singapore and the shift to an endemic...

Day 2 Of 14 Day To Your Best Booty Challenge By Karen Barnard

About this challenge This 14 day challenge combines, cardio, strength and toning workouts specifically focusing on our thighs and glutes for a toned and tight butt. This challenge also combines cardio and HIIT workouts targeting our all important core. Challenge created by Karen Barnard. Find Karen Barnard here - Instagram, Facebook Day 2 Great wor...

U.S. Effort to Fight HIV Worldwide Has Brought Lifesaving Treatment to Millions

TUESDAY, March 14, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Since it began in 2004, a global effort led by the United States to combat HIV has dramatically increased the number of people it helps, a new government report shows. In its report, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the number of people receiving lifesaving HIV treatment through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has increased 300 times in under 20...

Is Carbonated Water Bad for You? 8 Side Effects of Drinking It

Though refreshing, water infused with carbonation does have some side effects—but is carbonated water bad for you? Here's what experts say.

Alcohol pricing experiment saved 150 lives a year, Public Health Scotland study claims

Scotland’s minimum alcohol pricing experiment saved around 150 lives a year, research from Public Health Scotland has suggested. A new analysis, published in The Lancet, found that the scheme was linked to a reduction of 13.4 per cent in deaths from alcohol consumption. Minimum unit pricing (MUP) was introduced in May 2018 and compelled companies t...

What is sleep apnea and is it serious? What Harvard Health Publishing and more experts think.

Answered by Dr. Howard E. LeWine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes people to stop breathing for short periods during sleep. These periods are called apneas. Apneas usually last between 10 and 30 seconds. In severe cases, apneas can happen many hundreds of times ...

For-Profit Hospices Often Deliver Worse Care: Study

MONDAY, Feb. 27, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Patients spending the end of their lives in for-profit hospices receive substantially worse care than those who are in nonprofit hospices, a new study claims. To come to that conclusion, RAND Corp. researchers analyzed surveys completed by people whose loved ones had spent time in more than 3,100 hospices throughout the country. The research included reviewing more than 650,000 surveys completed prior to...

I’m 20, A Student Athlete, & I Spent $66 On My Wellness Routine This Week

Welcome to Refinery29’s Feel Good Diaries, where we chronicle the physical and mental wellness routines of women today, their costs, and whether or not these self-care rituals actually make you feel good. Have your own Feel Good Diary to submit? You can do so here! Today: a student athlete finding balance between preseason practice, hanging with friends, and making time for rest. Editor’s Note: This diary was written in January 2022. Age: 20...

I've Eaten At Nearly Every Single Chain Restaurant—These Are The Best Menu Items

Two years later and 20 restaurants down, this is our official list. People always ask: What are the *best* chain restaurant menu items? Honestly, I've tried too many to count; they've all become a massive blur in my memory. So, to make your lives easier (and, selfishly, mine), I've made the official ranking of the best menu items at each restaurant I've visited. Buckle up y'all.

How to Order Your Skin-Care Routine, According to a Dermatologist

There's a proper skin-care-routine order you should be following.

60 Healthy, Low-Calorie Fast-Food Meals Under 500 Calories

Hungry and on the go? Grab a tasty bite without racking up your daily calorie intake with these low-calorie fast food menu items.

Did Singaporeans' quality of life improve post-COVID?

Eleven percent of those with multiple dependents rated theirs as “poor.” A majority of Singaporeans (72%) felt like their quality has improved after the pandemic, a survey from the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) revealed. Few (28%), however, think their quality of life worsened; this feeling was evident amongst youths aged 15 to 19 (38%). Compared to the general population, individuals with multiple dependents, including...

35+ Healthy Side Dishes That'll Steal the Dinner Spotlight

These may be the only side dishes that really feel like the main attraction 😍

What Is a Low-Impact Workout, Actually? You May Be Surprised

POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Kelly It wasn't all that long ago that box jumps, burpees, and treadmill sprints likely dominated the fitness side of your social feed.

Obese people may have been more at risk of Covid for opposite reason doctors thought

Obese people were more at risk of severe Covid for the opposite reason to what doctors originally thought, a new study suggests. Experts initially believed that severely overweight people were becoming more ill when they caught coronavirus because their bodies were already highly inflamed, triggering a dangerous immune overload. But now Cambridge U...

How Long Does Chicken Last in the Freezer?

Exactly how long is chicken still good in the freezer? Food and culinary experts weigh in with insight to help you keep your chicken fresh.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease : What is it & treatments

Overview A chronic digestive disease where the liquid content of the stomach refluxes into the esophagus, the tube connecting the mouth and stomach. Symptoms Common symptoms are a burning sensation in chest and difficulty swallowing and sensation of a lump in the throat. Causes When the esophageal sphincter relaxes abnormally or weakens, stomach ac...

Your Vulva and Vagina Might Look Different After Giving Birth; Here's Exactly What to Expect

Despite an upswing in body positivity over the last several years, many people who've given birth still very much feel the pressure to "bounce back" fast.

Day 9 Of 14-Day Total Body Strength Challenge By Brian Washington

About this challenge The 14-Day Total Body Strength Challenge is here! This challenge features a variety of workouts focusing on gaining strength, toning, cardio, core, and recovery days with yoga. This program was created for anyone looking to gain strength and muscle and lose weight. For this program, you will need access to dumbbells & kettlebel...

NHS red tape fuels doubling of patients stuck in hospital more than three weeks

Bureaucratic delays have fuelled a doubling in the number of patients stuck in hospital for more than three weeks, an investigation reveals. Experts warned that thousands of patients – largely elderly – are being left to deteriorate, amid wrangles over paperwork and assessments. Charities said too many patients were being left “to become a shadow o...

This Face Serum Is So Good, My Partner Stole It

Vertly is a California-based, family-owned brand that makes hemp-infused face and body products.

Martina Navratilova reveals she is now ‘cancer free’

Martina Navratilova has revealed she is now "cancer free" after her diagnosis had left her fearing she "may not see next Christmas". The former world No 1 announced in January she had been diagnosed with both throat and breast cancer. The 66-year-old is due to undergo further preventative radiation treatment, but revealed in an interview with Piers...

The Best-Tasting Protein Powders to Add to Everything

In the blur of a chaotic weekday, grabbing the most convenient things for a breakfast on the run, a lunch spent at your desk, or even a dinner that doesn't require cooking is sometimes hard to avoid.

40 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

The world really was a different place back then.

Everything You Need For The Best Home Gym Equipment, According To Fitness Instructors

Even if you enjoy barre classes and have dappled in gym memberships before, sometimes you simply want to sweat it out from the comfort of your own home. However, it can understandably be intimidating to build a home gym — or, if you're just testing the waters — a corner with some key fitness elements, some of which can ideally be stowed away under the bed. "When we practice at home, awareness is key, so take time to educate yourself on whatever...

Harvard Health Publishing answers: What are the main causes of foot pain?

Answered by Dr. Robert H. Shmerling M.D. Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 30 years of experience · USA Among the most common causes of foot pain are: • Arthritis (including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout) • Bunions • Injury or overuse (including sports injuries, stress fractures, sprains or strains) • Plantar fasci...

The 19 Best (and Worst) Foods for Inflammation

Here’s what to eat and what foods to limit in your diet to heal chronic inflammation.

Nori: Expert opinions, healthy portions, and downsides

Perspective from Luciana M. Cherubin Bachelor in Nutrition · 5 years of experience · Argentina Possible Side Effects Individuals with thyroid disease should consult with their healthcare practitioners before consume nori. Quantity Recommendation It is recommended to consume nori at least three times at week. When you buying nori, choose certifies o...

10 Exciting New Grocery Items Coming This Spring

From chips to pickles to plant-based candy, there's a vast array of intriguing new items hitting grocery store shelves this spring.

Pregnant women warned even minor shunts on the roads can lead to birth complications

Pregnant women should be warned to be extra cautious on the roads, experts have said, after research showed even minor shunts can lead to birth complications. Around one in eight women will suffer accidents during pregnancy, and road traffic collisions are responsible for around 70 per cent of traumatic injuries that require immediate medical atten...

Save Daylight & Your Spring Sleep Schedule With These 12 Products

Whether it’s winter storms or tax season, unwanted events happen every year — including Daylight Saving Time. And according to certified sleep science coach Becca Fair, “Switching back and forth between daylight saving and standard time can wreak havoc on sleep.” If announcing “It’s already 10 P.M.!?,” and proceeding to fall asleep at 2 A.M. is your post-daylight saving bedtime routine, then you may know the feeling. Plus, with great spring...

IHH Healthcare invests in SG-based startup Intellect

The partnership will accelerate Intellect’s growth across Asia. IHH Healthcare has invested in Singapore-based mental health startup, Intellect, to expand its continuum of care for its patients, corporate clients, and employees. As a strategic investor, IHH will co-develop and customise its mental health programmes with Intellect’s digital services, including telehealth coaching, clinical therapy, psychiatry, self-guided cognitive behavioural...

15 Foods That Can Last Past Their Expiration Date

Because some foods can outlast the date on their label.

40 'Healthy' Foods That Nutritionists Never Eat

I see you, veggie chips.

Is Costco's Pizza Actually Good? Here's What Shoppers Think

Costco shoppers love the pizza for its price, but many members are sharply divided on whether the pizza actually tastes good.

15 Under-$50 Amazon Sleep Products For A Ticket To Dream Land

Yawn! Welcome to Sleep Week, a seven-day stretch where we source the best buys in the Zzz-catching business — from editor-vetted bedtime rituals to exclusive mattress deals and more of the internet’s most slumber-worthy scores. Go ahead, hit snooze with us. Are you desperately in need of a good night’s rest? Work been more hectic than ever? Social events like spring weddings popping back up? And, oh dear, the dishes have also been piling up,...

LGBTQ+ school support groups could improve students' mental health -study

Depression disparities between LGBTQ+ students and heterosexual students were smaller at the end of the school year for students in schools whose GSAs had engaged in more advocacy over the year.

The Rock Shared a "Super Pump" Workout That'll Turn Your Arms to Noodles

Dwayne Johnson may be forever known as "The Rock", but he works hard to earn the nickname every day.

Costco & Trader Joe's Just Recalled Their Frozen Fruit Over Hepatitis A Concerns

One recall also applies to frozen fruit from several other grocers, including Aldi, PCC Community Markets, and KeHe.

‘I have the dreaded dental pockets and spend hours trying to beat them’

When I open my handbag, a veritable rainbow of interdental brushes (red, green, purple, yellow) falls out. As I scramble to retrieve them, my boyfriend groans. It’s fair to say my teeth are the third person in our relationship. I spend seemingly hours in the bathroom, brushing and flossing, giving Mike time to read at least two broadsheet newspaper...

38 Easy Last-Minute Appetizers

Procrastination happens to the best of us — but these easy apps got your back.

Gwyneth Paltrow addresses backlash over 'wellness routine'

Gwyneth Paltrow has responded to backlash over her controversial "wellness routine". During an interview with Dr Will Cole for The Art of Wellness podcast published last week, the actress/entrepreneur revealed that she does a "nice intermittent fast" most days, tends to have soup or bone broth for lunch, and eats "lots of vegetables" for dinner. Fo...

I’ve Been Sleeping With a Brown Noise Machine & It’s Distracting (In a Good Way)

Yawn! Welcome to Sleep Week, a seven-day stretch where we source the best buys in the Zzz-catching business — from editor-vetted bedtime rituals to exclusive mattress deals and more of the internet’s most slumber-worthy scores. Go ahead, hit snooze with us. For the bad sleepers out there, I feel you. I wanna say I haven’t slept soundly in over a year, but I’ve been especially suffering from bouts of insomnia these last few months. I’m still...

This $15.99 SPF Moisturizer Is One Of The Best We’ve Ever Tried

Tomorrow, March 21, is the first official day of spring. With that long-awaited seasonal shift raises the questions of “what skin care changes do I need to be making?,” “why are we still letting a groundhog predict our weather (even though he’s weirdly always right),” and “what kind of sunscreen should I be using?” While I’m fairly sure that last question can be answered with “the one you will use consistently,” there are a lot of options out...

The 17 Best Leggings to Conquer Your Workout

No matter how impressive our workout wardrobe may be, we always have room for more leggings.

The health lessons animals can teach us

The idea came about pre-Covid, when Dr Matt Morgan was treating a patient who had choked on a Hobnob. The biscuit had entered the man’s lungs and caused a cardiac arrest. When a flock of birds flew past the hospital window, Dr Morgan wondered why they did not die, despite continually inhaling things that could block their lungs as they flew. “My ob...

Professional FAQs: Palm oil vs Groundnut oil: Which is healthier?

Expert opinion from Mariana Brkic Bachelor in Nutrition · 10 years of experience · Argentina Groundnut oil has less saturated fat than palm oils. Saturated fatty acids can be harmful to cardiovascular health when consumed in large amounts. Even though palm oil has a higher saturated fat when consumed as part of a balance diet, does not have increme...