We’re all about multi-purpose makeup and one-and-done skincare products, so we were intrigued by one DRMTLGY‘s safe, science-backed products. The Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46 is the brand’s hero product and advertises itself as an anti-aging moisturizer, broad-spectrum sunscreen, and sheer foundation all in one sleekly packaged tinted formula. While a combo formula isn’t new to us, it did give us pause to learn that this tinted moisturizer doesn’t come in several shades. Instead, it astonishingly comes in just one tan shade that’s meant to blend out perfectly for every skin tone (and every skin type).

But how? Will it leave an orange stain on pale skin? Will it leave a white cast on dark skin? DRMTLGY TikTok reviews are promising, but we were also curious about whether its Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46 is actually, well, universal, so we decided to test the product for ourselves. Learn more about this all-in-one moisturizer and our honest reviews below.


DRMTLGY Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46, $28

DRMTLGY takes an SPF-first approach to skincare since, as we know, applying sunscreen is the most important part of our daily routines. The brand has a few sunscreen options, but the Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46 is the most beloved. This oil-free formula features zinc oxide for sun protection, as well as ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin E. All of this specifically helps combat UVA and UVB rays, infrared radiation, blue light protection, and premature aging.

Although tinted, the brand specifically notes that this moisturizer isn’t a substitute for full-coverage makeup. Instead, it is intended to enhance your natural skin tone, blur pores, and tone down redness. It can also act as a primer for more dramatic looks. And, if you want more skin-enhancing effects without additional makeup, DRMTLGY also sells a Glow Booster Duo set that includes the moisturizer and the brand’s best-selling serum that makes skin look smoother and more full.

The moisturizer also doesn’t just claim to be universal in terms of color. It’s also recommended for all skin types, no matter if you have sensitive, dry, oily, or combo skin. And the cherry on top as mentioned earlier is that it does all that while remaining free from anything that could irritate skin — the Universal Tinted Moisturizer is cruelty-, gluten-, sulfate-, paraben-, and fragrance-free. That’s a lot to live up to, so we knew we had to road-test it to see if it lived up to the hype.


R29 Editor DRMTLGY Reviews

“I’ll be honest, ‘tinted’ is not necessarily the word I would use to describe this moisturizer. The product itself melts seamlessly into my face but the tint is so minimal that I can’t tell how visible the coverage is. It blurs rather than tints. But, as someone with a deep skin tone, I’ll take a sheer, hydrating, and lightweight product with SPF over a greasy, white cast-inducing formula any day. Plus, I would say that it IS universal since the tint is so subtle.

For the first time, I used it as a primer and my foundation glided on like butter. It has a refreshing feel and seems like the perfect add-on to a daytime beauty routine that leaves you with glowy bare skin or dewy makeup looks. Oh! And I used way less foundation because of how well it mixed with the moisturizer. I’ve been wearing it every day since and I can’t wait to use it for these upcoming sweltering summer days.”  Alexandra Polk, Affiliate Lifestyle Writer

“I was really surprised by just how lightweight, thin, and silky this tinted moisturizer’s formula is. It pumps out looking like a traditional liquid foundation but blends out to this weightless, incredibly sheer, and slightly glowing finish. After applying toner and serum, I rubbed in three pumps of the product onto my face and neck with my fingertips. It effortlessly melted into my skin, giving a barely-there makeup look.

Since the formula is so light coverage, I followed up with my typical all-over concealer. My makeup sat great on top of the moisturizer so I can see why it’s a great all-in-one glowy moisturizer-sunscreen hybrid. I wouldn’t say it gave me ‘tinted’ moisturizer vibes or was more hydrating than my other moisturizers, but I was really pleased by how it perfectly matched my complexion and slightly reduced my natural redness. ” Victoria Montalti, Associate Affiliate Writer

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