The partnership will accelerate Intellect’s growth across Asia. 

IHH Healthcare has invested in Singapore-based mental health startup, Intellect, to expand its continuum of care for its patients, corporate clients, and employees. 

As a  strategic investor, IHH will co-develop and customise its mental health programmes with Intellect’s digital services, including telehealth coaching, clinical therapy, psychiatry, self-guided cognitive behavioural therapy-based programmes, urgent distress support, and mental health screening.

Maternity patients from Gleneagles Hospital Singapore will be the first to try these services.

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The healthcare provider will also extend the services to corporate clients of IHH Singapore’s iXchange and IHH’s employees.

Ashok Pandit, IHH Healthcare’s group chief strategy and business development officer, said the partnership with Intellect “will provide mental health offerings to our patients, corporate clients, and employees, towards building a healthier world.”

“We are pleased to invest in Intellect, a market leader in this rapidly growing category, to boost their growth and enhance access to millions more people who require support, care or treatment,” Pandit said.


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