Sharon Stone has claimed she had "zero money" after suffering a stroke.

The Casino actress revealed she lost her savings during her health scare in 2001 after people she had trusted "took advantage" of her situation.

"I had $18 million saved because of all my success, but when I got back into my bank account, it was all gone. My refrigerator, my phone - everything was in other people's names," Sharon said in a new interview with Hollywood Reporter. "I had zero money."

The 66-year-old star also shared that the subarachnoid hemorrhage left a lasting impact on her health and it took her seven years to recover. The brain injury affected her sense of smell, touch and sight, even leaving her unable to read for a couple of years.

Sharon revealed she "100 percent" thinks the trauma from the stroke, which caused a nine-day brain bleed, altered the way she thinks.

"And while that was happening, everything changed," she recalled. "Things were stretched and I was seeing colour patterns. A lot of people thought I was going to die."

Despite the stressful health battle and financial worries, Sharon has remained positive and grateful for a second chance at life.

The actress is determined to "live for joy" and has let go of any upset she felt after losing her savings.

"I decided not to hang onto being sick or to any bitterness or anger," she added. "If you bite into the seed of bitterness, it never leaves you. But if you hold faith, even if that faith is the size of a mustard seed, you will survive."

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