Vertly is a California-based, family-owned brand that makes hemp-infused face and body products.

The brand's Glowing Face Serum boasts rejuvenating herbs that help soothe dry skin.

It's great for all skin types and so good, one of our editors had her partner steal it from her.

I was introduced to Vertly last year when I was offered a chance to try some of its CBD products. Its CBD spray absolutely changed the game for me when it came to my post-workout recovery, but I also ended up loving its Glowing Face Serum ($50-$99). I began using it in my daily skin-care regiments - that is until my partner discovered it on our bathroom countertop and tried to steal it from me. Now, we both use it every day.

About the Vertly Glowing Face Serum

It fights stress, damage from free radicals, and signs of aging.

It's made with a blend of 24 nutrient-rich botanicals, including nettles, calendula, green coffee, gotu kola, and apricot kernel.

The formula is handcrafted in small batches, taking three weeks to produce.

It's vegan and suitable for all skin types.

What I Like About the Vertly Glowing Face Serum

I adore Vertly's commitment to using all-natural herbs and botanicals to create its products. The fragrance of the Glowing Face Serum is subtle enough that it doesn't give me a headache (which happens with anything overly potent), but also pleasant and calming. The formula is lightweight and never feels greasy or tacky on the skin like some serums I've used. It also boasts green coffee and hemp to fight inflammation, gotu kola to help stimulate collagen, and apricot kernel for maximum hydration.

How to Use the Vertly Glowing Face Serum

I've been using the Glowing Face Serum in my routine every day, both morning and night, after first washing my face. It absorbs effortlessly into my skin and provides me with hydration that lasts all day. With it, I don't experience any of the dry patches that typically show up for me when a moisturizer is too light in texture.

What to Consider Before Trying the Vertly Glowing Face Serum

The least expensive size option for this face serum is $50, which isn't cheap. On the bright side, I don't have to use very much to treat my skin - a tiny bit goes a long way. It's super hydrating, even on the harshest of winter days, so a small bottle should last you a while.

Where Is the Vertly Glowing Face Serum Available?

The Vertly Glowing Face Serum is available at, Credo Beauty, Macy's, and Bloomingdale's.


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