Yawn! Welcome to Sleep Week, a seven-day stretch where we source the best buys in the Zzz-catching business — from editor-vetted bedtime rituals to exclusive mattress deals and more of the internet’s most slumber-worthy scores. Go ahead, hit snooze with us.

Are you desperately in need of a good night’s rest? Work been more hectic than ever? Social events like spring weddings popping back up? And, oh dear, the dishes have also been piling up, too. Well, do yourself a favor — it’s long overdue — and spruce up your nighttime routine by upgrading your bedroom with the best Amazon under-$50 sleep products. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Drift off to dreamland without breaking the bank and wake up fully energized to tackle the next day. We can’t promise you that you won’t miss prepping for bed with your new setup. Ahead, we’ve compiled various items you might need some freshening up on, such as cozy bedding, fashionable sleepwear, and luxe aromatherapy. We know you’ve heard of essential oil, but have you tried an aromatherapy roller ball? Oh boy, get ready to catch up on those Zzzs with all of the best from Amazon.


Amazon Bedding Under $50

I’m biased about my Amazon Basics bed sheets since it’s one of my most affordable buys. An ultra-silky set for less than $35? Count me in. Now, imagine getting a pair of satin pillowcases in all shades of the rainbow for only $9.99 — unbelievable! That’s not all. There are warm cuddly blankets and fluffy pillows to shop.


Amazon Aromatherapy Under $50

Weighted blankets provide a plethora of benefits, such as easing stress and soothing anxiety. Basically, it does wonders in immensely improving your state of sleep. However, now you can get that all with a new weighted fleece eye mask. It’s a stress reliever infused with real lavender buds that you can use as a cool or hot compression mask.

In our mix, we’ve also included our fairy-like sleep-inducing pillow spray, an essential oil diffuser, and a set of relaxing scents. For nappers who can sleep anywhere and everywhere — me included — carry your essential oil rollerball in your bag. There are four roller balls: Breathe, Calm, Renew, and Soothe. All ready to help you relax. 


Amazon Sleepwear Under $50

Amazon is a treasure trove for all the cutest sleepwear. Explore all the stylish options, from matching sets to silky robes to airy nightgowns. Find what you’re missing from your lineup and get it delivered to your doorstep within the week.


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