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29 Fall Salads As Crisp As The Weather

Anything summer can do, fall can do better.

You Should Start Planting Your Fall Vegetable Garden Sooner Than You Think

Don't let summer pass... Believe it or not, during the height of summer—when your garden is overflowing with warm season vegetables, like squash and tomatoes—it's time to start thinking about fall. That's because many cool season vegetables must be planted in mid to late summer to yield a fall harvest. And then there are some, like garlic, that you'll want to plant in the fall for next year's summer harvest. To make sure they're ready before the first frost in your area, look at the "days to maturity" on the plant tag or seed package, then count backwards from your area's estimated first frost date. If you're not sure when that is, check with your local university cooperative extension service (find yours here). It's also important to keep your fall garden watered. In years when rainfall is sparse, you'll need to make sure everything gets a good long drink if you haven't had rain for a week or so. For some vegetables, such as greens, you'll need to keep the soil moist (not sopping wet) while you're waiting for the seeds to germinate. Not to mention, some cool season veggies don't germinate well in hot soil, so try to plant those where taller vegetables can shade them—or start them in pots in a shady spot in your garden. Many fall garden vegetables grow well from seed, though a few do better in fall in northern gardens if you plant seedlings. Without further ado, here are the best vegetables to plant—yes, starting in summer—for a fall garden:

Can You Really Get Food Poisoning From Leftover Rice and Pasta?

In today's episode of things you didn't know could make you sick .

10 Best & Worst Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Dietitians discuss the healthiest and unhealthiest frozen chicken nuggets you'll find at the grocery store based on sodium, fat, and fillers.

The 20 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms in Women and Men

These subtle signs of cancer can be hard to miss.

NHS doctor sacked ‘after suggesting mother’s death in childbirth was negligence’

A senior NHS consultant was sacked after complaining about colleagues’ “clinical negligence” when a woman died giving birth, a tribunal has heard. Dr Martyn Pitman, 57, who worked as a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician for 20 years, told the panel that Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust had let him go for “blowing the whistle”. He said he had be...

40 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

The world really was a different place back then.

"Ozempic Face" Is Real - Here's What That Means

If you've been on the internet at all over the last few months, you've more than likely heard of the drug Ozempic.

15 Fitness and Wellness Products From Amazon Our Editors Swear By

It feels virtually impossible to comprehend how many items are available on Amazon's website.

Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback: Fried Onion Taste Test

Outback's original Bloomin' Onion set the standard for shareable deep-fried onion appetizers, but does the rival steakhouse do it better?

Healthcare Providers & Services: A Look at Market Cap Leaders.

Take a look at the top healthcare providers and services stocks by market cap. From medical device manufacturers to pharmaceutical companies, these stocks have the highest market caps and could be worth adding to your watchlist.

5 Best Weight Loss Workouts for Women That Actually Work

Losing weight is a common fitness goal, so a trainer breaks down his best weight loss workouts for women that actually work.

Unleash the Power of Fascia Muscle for Better Health

Discover the extraordinary benefits of fascia muscle care! Boost your fitness and well-being today.

Day 2 Of The 14-Day Core Challenge By Brian Washington

About this challenge If you are ready to tone and strengthen your core this challenge is for you! For the next 14 days I have hand selected workouts to help you reach this goal. These workouts will target various parts of your core! Are you ready for this challenge? Challenge created by Brian Washington. Find Brian Washington here - Instagram, Face...

These Tips Will Help Keep You Safe If You're Caught Outside During a Thunderstorm

Stay safe from summer storms by following these important tips.

10 Genius Ways To Use Up All That Produce In Your Fridge

These meals take mere minutes.

What Will It Take to Close the Mortality Gap For Black Women With Breast Cancer?

October is generally the month that "awareness" around breast cancer research peaks, but it's important to be aware of potentially life-saving screenings and treatments all year long.

Health Experts Reveal: How Much Pili Nuts to Eat and Why

This article examines the health benefits and quantity recommendations of pili nuts, as discussed by two nutrition experts. Pili nuts are a great source of Vitamin E, magnesium, and oleic acid, and are a good option for those on a ketogenic diet. The article also provides insight into the effects of pili nuts on muscle function, bone health, and the immune system. Additionally, the article discusses the effects of pili nuts on those with tree...

COVID Heart Health: How Does COVID-19 Affect Your Heart?

Shocking findings about COVID's impact on heart health. Read on to know more about it!

Want to Lose Belly Fat? Morning Workouts May Be Key

If you want to lose belly fat and speed up your weight loss efforts, a new study reveals morning workouts may be key.

7 Bizarre But Delicious Fruit Smoothie Combinations You Have to Try

Rise and shine with these wonderfully weird smoothies.

Health Experts Reveal: The Surprising Health Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

This article provides expert opinions from three nutritionists on the benefits of nutritional yeast. It is a complete protein that contains all nine essential amino acids and is a great source of vitamins and minerals. It can assist with tissue repair, nutrient absorption, and may prevent muscle loss. It is also beneficial for gut health and can relieve constipation. Additionally, the article provides tips and nutritional facts about yeast as...

The Dangers of "Hair Cracking," TikTok's Latest Fascination

Image Source: Getty By now, you should know that TikTok, while amazing at times, is loaded with beauty hacks, trends, and tips that you definitely should not try.

Arby's Just Launched 2 New Steak Sandwiches

If you're craving a steak sandwich, then you might want to head to Arby's, which has just introduced new menu items too good to pass up.

Unlock the health benefits of cinnamon spice: get answers from health experts and the new AI-powered Bing

This article explores the health benefits of cinnamon spice and the role of health experts and AI-powered Bing in providing insight into its medicinal properties. Through research, it is revealed that cinnamon contains many beneficial compounds that can help protect against disease, reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, and improve neurological disorders.

Health Experts Reveal: How Good is Yolk for You?

This article examines the potential side effects and quantity recommendations for consuming egg yolk. Two experts in the field of nutrition and metabolic disorders provide insight into the possible risks and benefits of consuming yolk, including allergies, cholesterol and triglyceride content, and the benefits of pastured organic eggs. The article also provides recommendations for how much yolk should be consumed, as well as other related topics...

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

What a thrill.

Intra-family marriage responsible for 10pc diabetes cases in South Asians

Marrying blood relatives is responsible for up to 10 per cent of Type 2 diabetes cases in British Asian communities, a new study suggests. Experts have long known that south Asian communities are more at greater risk of developing diabetes, accounting for eight per cent of all diagnosed cases, despite making up just four per cent of the population....

Terminally ill breast cancer patients denied life-extending drug by NHS watchdog

Up to 1,000 terminally ill breast cancer patients are to be denied a life-extending drug by the NHS watchdog. Clinical trials have shown that Enhertu (trastuzumab deruxtecan) could extend the lives of patients with incurable breast cancer by as much as two years. Baroness Morgan, the chief executive of Breast Cancer Now, described the decision as “...

Better for addicts to overdose in my ‘fix room’ than the streets, says NHS doctor

Addicts overdosing on NHS property is “preferable” to doing so on the streets, a doctor has claimed as Scotland prepares to launch a “safe” service for drug users. Controversial plans to open the UK’s first state-backed “fix room”, where addicts will be able to inject drugs in a Glasgow health centre without fear of arrest, are set to move forward ...

Discover companies that will have difficulty meeting short term obligations if they face volatility.

Current Ratio compares a company’s Current Assets to its Current Liabilities to see the ability they must pay off any short-term obligations. The ratio helps measure a company’s short-term liquidity, which can give glimpse on how well a company can withstand any turbulence from external & internal factors. The higher the ratio, the more stable/health compared to the lower the ratio would indicate that the company is unstable/health and can...

Harvard Health Publishing has answers to common questions about Charley Horse.

How do you treat a muscle spasm? Answered by Dr. Robert H. Shmerling M.D. Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 30 years of experience · USA The treatment of muscle spasm includes rest balanced with gentle stretching, heat or cold, massage, and, in some cases, a pain reliever or muscle relaxant medication. Muscle cramps and spasm may b...

Healthcare's Top Gainers: A Look at the Last Week.

Healthcare stocks have been on the rise this week. This list contains the stocks that have seen the biggest gains over the past seven days. From established healthcare companies to emerging startups, these stocks have been making headlines and could be worth keeping an eye on.

Trader Joe's Most Popular Frozen Meal Has Plummeted In Quality, Customers Say

The popular item swept Trader Joe's annual Customer Choice Awards for years, but customers say the product isn't as good in 2023.

Health Experts Reveal: Is Eating Kiwi Skin Good for You?

This article examines the nutritional benefits of kiwifruit and provides expert opinion from three nutritionists on the topic. The experts agree that the skin of the kiwifruit contains many beneficial nutrients and fiber, and that it is edible. The article also provides advice from health experts on the Mediterranean, Keto, Diabetic, and Weight Loss diets. The overall aim of the article is to provide information on the nutritional benefits of...

Health Experts Reveal: The Right Amount of Cocoa Bean to Eat for Optimal Health

This article explores the potential benefits and quantity recommendations of cocoa bean consumption. Experts Felicitas Bouche Ocampo and Cagla E. Kayma provide insight into the antioxidant and fiber content of cocoa, as well as its potential to improve heart health. It is recommended that cocoa be consumed in small amounts (20-50 g) as part of a balanced diet, and with high physical exertion, an increase in the norm by 1.5 times is allowed. This...

Sexism in healthcare is causing women to die from cancer, say researchers

Women are dying of cancer because of sexism in healthcare, a report in The Lancet has suggested. The analysis says that “unconscious gender bias” and discrimination means that women are too often receiving “sub-optimal care”, with major cancers being missed. Researchers said that a focus on reproductive and maternal health, and on “women’s cancers”...

Why Backward Walking Should Be Part of Your Workout Routine

If you're anything like me, you're obsessed with finding new ways to move your body and improve your overall quality of life.

What Are Nutritionist's Favorite Fall Fruits?

Favorite fall fruits to add to your fall haul.

The Best Pickleball Shoes, According to Pros, Players, and Reviews

Ah, pickleball. If you're a fan of the mega popular sport like Olivia Culpo and Stephen Colbert, the word "dink shot" or any pickleball paraphernalia can make you smile.

Family of woman who died during cold water therapy demand regulation

A woman died after plunging into cold water during an immersion therapy session, an inquest has heard. Kellie Poole, 39, died on April 25 last year after suffering a “sudden cardiac death” believed to have been triggered by the cold water during an immersion session in the River Goyt in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire. The session was run by Breatheoluti...

Can You Say "Free Coffee"? National Coffee Day Deals Start Today

Fall is a great time to be a coffee fiend - and not just because it's the season of pumpkin spice lattes.

If You're Constantly Cold, These Products Will Take You from Chilled to Cozy in No Time!

They're brrriliant!

Give cancer patients a legal right to treatment within two months, Lib Dems say

Cancer patients would have a legal right to treatment within two months under plans set out by the Liberal Democrats. Sir Ed Davey used his leader’s speech at the close of the party’s annual autumn conference in Bournemouth to set out a five-year cancer plan aimed at boosting survival rates in England. Existing NHS targets state that those with urg...

‘Anaesthesia associates’ are ‘bending rules’ to clear NHS waiting list backlog

“Anaesthesia associates” with only two years of training are allowed to “bend the rules” by carrying out complex procedures normally reserved for doctors, the Telegraph can reveal. The doctors’ assistants helping to clear the NHS backlog made the claims at a recorded recruitment event hosted by Lancaster University, a clip of which has been obtaine...

Radish Nutrition: Tips from the Experts

This article explores the health benefits of radish, as well as potential side effects, as discussed by experts in nutrition and health. The article covers topics such as the Mediterranean diet, keto diet, diabetic diet, and weight loss, and provides advice on how to incorporate radish into one's diet. The article also provides information on the potential health benefits of radish, such as reducing the risk of cancer and aiding in weight loss,...

Workplace sickness soars to highest level in over a decade

The average worker took an extra two days off sick in the past year compared with the period before Covid, according to a survey of employers. The typical employee took 7.8 days off, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found, up from 5.8 per year pre-pandemic and unwinding the previous decade’s progress in reducing sick days. The s...

‘Long Covid’ is a failure of science

All pandemics of novel infectious diseases are accompanied by social pandemics of fear and action. Unless the social pandemics are artificially prolonged, they eventually subside as people come to a realistic appreciation of the actual risks of the infectious virus or bacterium. For many people, Covid-19 was never a greater threat than familiar res...

Wait, Can Eating Carrots Change Your Skin Tone?

Today in wacky beauty claims going viral on TikTok: eating carrots can give you the same results as self-tanner.

I Put This TikTok-Viral Drugstore Blush Stick to the Test

Over the past few years, I've grown an affinity for wearing a big pop of color on my cheeks.